Escapade | Tinky

1 December 2022 — 31 March 2023

Miniature installation artist Tinky will be hot-footing it to Maitland to create a puntastic summer art trail especially for MRAG, titled Escapade.
Countering the tradition for public art to be overt and highly visible, the summer art trail encourages intimate art experiences in unexpected places throughout the Gallery.
Throughout her practice Tinky works with miniature figurines and vintage objects to create humorous and playful scenes of mismatched proportions.
Tinky typically makes use of small or hidden spaces in buildings, laneways and gallery spaces to exhibit her work, each boasting a comedic undertone that exudes a sense of fun for those who find them. Each work is coupled with a title that incorporates word play and a fun pun that emphasises playful folly.
Tinky’s miniature dioramas add a sense of surprise and wonder to the spaces in which they are installed.
Follow the clues and you will discover Tinky’s wonderfully absurd dioramas hidden around the Gallery.