Suzanne Archer: Afterlife. A Maitland Regional Art Gallery Past Touring Exhibition (17.09.10 – 14.11.10)

Suzanne Archer, Aftermath, 2005 oil on canvas 275 x 275 cm

Although Afterlife presents a vision of dead and dismembered animals; horses, rats and birds the exhibition is not dark or morbid. Rather Afterlife relates not to what happens to the bodies after death or where the souls may go,  Afterlife is about how Archer reshapes and interprets the skeletal remains in a theoretical, poetic elegiac or fanciful way. Using media such as paint Archer wants to contrive and concoct with her subject matter on canvas and forge and form objects that ultimately find their way into our world as paintings and sculptures.

Suzanne Archer: Afterlife – A Maitland Regional Art Gallery Touring Exhibition (PDF)

Suzanne Archer Education Kit (PDF)