Andrew Finnie | The Enlightening Journey of Mr Hugo Ball

February 3 2018 — May 20 2018

Andrew Finnie, Mr Hugo Ball (detail), 2017, digital image

February, 1916 Zurich:  Mr Hugo Ball announces the beginning of the Dada Anti-Art movement by reciting a nonsensical poem entitled “Karawane” to a bewildered public.

The poem begins: “gadji beri bimba / glandridi lauli lonni cadori….” A photograph of Hugo shows him dressed in his ‘sorcerer’s outfit’ – a cardboard cylinder, a cardboard hat and trousers, wings and oversized lobster claw gloves.

February, 2018 Maitland – 102 years later : Hugo himself,  dressed in the same attire, features in a series of digital paintings that pay  homage to many of the world’s best known artists – among them Vermeer, Mondrian, Degas and Caravaggio.  In these works the Anti-Art movement threatens to come full circle – ironically with Hugo as the fulcrum.

3 February – 20 May 2018

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