Eco Zine Curated By Bastian Fox Phelan

9 September – 12 November

September 9 2023 — November 12 2023

How do we deepen relationships with local ecologies in a time of profound change? In this project-based exhibition, writer, zine maker and citizen scientist Bastian Fox Phelan invites participants to engage with the natural world and compile observations and feelings in the creation of  zines.

The Project Space itself will become a zine studio, library and space for visitors to create and share stories about the local environment through zine making.

What is an Eco Zine ?

A zine is a hand-made mini magazine that can be photocopied and distributed at a low cost. Zines are a great DIY way to share your ideas and be creative. Zines can contain writing, poetry, illustration, collage, cartoons, or anything that can fit on a page and be photocopied.

An Eco Zine is about anything to do with the environment. It could be a list of animals found in your local area and interesting facts about their lives, or instructions for how to grow a veggie garden, or it could be drawings of a special natural place that you like to visit.

If you would like to make your own download the How to Make a Mini Zine Zine


We would like to thank all the people who responded to the callout  for Eco Zines to stock the zine library before the project space opened.

Adeline Teoh
Aimie Atkins
Aksara Harriram
Alex Rennie
Andrina Manon
Anne Phelan & Thirroul
Community Garden
Aphrodite Delaguiado
Bastian Fox Phelan
Bel Short
Ben Bulmer
Blake Haddock
Briety Dorahy
Bruce Lewis
Carmen Hui
Chloe Scope
Chris Brown
Connagh Redmond
Daniel Manzini
Dr Geneveieve Graham
Eddie Wa l t e rs
Emma Parks
Jacqui Malins
Jane Cantwe l l
Janet Wa l t e rs
Jen Fi g l i o l a
Jennifer Hamilton,
Sujata Allan, Weathering
C o l l e c t i ve & Community
Weathering Station
Je s s i c a . K. Freeman
Kayne Standen
Laurie Wa l l
Leanne Shawler
L i l ly Paredes
Liss Finney
Loretta Ryan-Krawczyk
Madeline Flowers
Magnetic Topographies
Maja Aaby Pederson
Marita Smith
Mat t Petherbridge
Meagan Pelham
Milton Mushrooms
Monika Viktori a
Natalie Blom
Natalie Millhouse
Niki Bañados
Pat ri c i a Van Lubeck
Rae Wh i t e
Randwick Mari n e L i fe
Ruby Omeara
Ryan Anderson
Ryannon Innes
Sam (CoolKandiKid)
Stefinie Luhrs
Tom Lidd e l l
Vanessa Berry
William Kilner
Zappix Art