MOTHER LODE by Jess Taylor

June 29 2024 — August 25 2024

Kaurna Adelaide artist Jess Taylor presents us with a perspective on motherhood and pregnancy that is complex and open hearted. Her own personal challenges with motherhood can be seen in these works, capturing a range of emotions – feelings of entrapment, possession and frustration sit alongside love, joy, and empowerment. Here the artist challenges the idealised notion of the ‘good mother’, presenting motherhood in its full complexity.

Jess Taylor is also responding to the sometimes overwhelming burden of motherhood – the increasingly ‘public’ nature of a women’s body during pregnancy and the often unsolicited opinions and societal pressures endured during this time.

Using botanical symbols, the artist explores the intertwining of new life with the complexities of our own bodies, highlighting the psychological depth of nurturing something precious within.