Old Stories New Magic

Michelle Gearin
Linde Ivimey
Naomi Kantjurinyi
Adam Lee
Sarker Protick
Julia Robinson
Heather B.Swann

June 22 2024 — October 6 2024

Old Stories New Magic brings together artists who draw from the deep and ancient well of the real and the mythic. For Naomi Kantjurinyi, an artist and Ngankari (traditional healer) in her community of Amata in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, her depictions of ‘mamu’ represent the spirit forces that are both ancient, real and present in Anangu life today. The work of Naomi Kantjurinyi will be shown alongside other artists who work in the realm of old stories. From the surreal conjuring of Michelle Gearin, Heather B.Swann and Sarker Protick to the folkloric but thoroughly contemporary work of Linde Ivimey, Adam Lee and Julia Robinson. This is an exhibition that embraces old stories and explores our longing and fascination with other worlds and beings, the dreamy sub-conscious and the long-lasting presence of the ancient.