Protection | Jane Lander

10 December 2022 - 12 March 2023

December 10 2022 — March 12 2023

Jane Lander’s Protection is a captivating showcase of the skill and poetic ideas of this accomplished Hunter based artist. Protection began in the primordial landscapes of the South Island of New Zealand in a birdwatching encounter on the grey beaches of Okarito Lagoon, a windswept, isolated hamlet on the south west coast. It is here, the artist witnessed a pair of Banded Cotterells lay their clutch of speckled eggs on the pebbled beach. The stories in this large-scale epic drawing and its accompanying animation follow two young protagonists, their lives exposed to the harsh realities of their environment. This work invites a conversation with young people around how it feels to be vulnerable as they explore a different reality of the natural world.