RETABLOS : From a Mexican Village

Jesus Lorenzo Untitled 2010, acrylic on board 30 x 20 cm

Lucas Lorenzo and his children Santiago, Jesus, Nicolas, Aureliano and Carlota live and work in the craft village of Xalitla, Mexico. Xalitla is a very remote village in the Rio Balsa region of Guerrero. This area and other nearby villages are known for their paintings on amate bark paper, representing the religious beliefs and celebrations that are celebrated throughout the year.

Lucas Lorenzo switched to working on masonite board, painting larger naïve figures of saints, devils, angels, animals and religious scenes; a change in style from the traditional village paintings which were painted on bark paper. Like many other craft villages, when one artist’s work is discovered and sells well, other members of their family begin working in the same style. At this time there are not many others who have picked up the style of the Lorenzo family.