Sunbiirds – The Infinite Moment

October 15 2024 — October 27 2024

Step inside The Infinite Moment to experience an immersive blend of transcendental guitar and captured environmental sounds performed, recorded and mixed by the Hunter-based instrumental collective Sunbiirds.

Transforming the Project gallery space at MRAG into a music studio, visitors are welcomed to drop-in on Sunbiirds’ captivating recording sessions, where the musicians manipulate and meld sounds with fluid and unexpected results. Whether seated or reclining on the gallery floor, visitors are encouraged to lose themselves in the created music, sounds and atmosphere.

Join Sunbiirds on this unforgettable journey and discover the infinite possibilities of sound and place.

There will be three separate sessions across the 12 days culminating in an all immersive visual and sound event in the early evening of Saturday 26 Oct 2024.

Session dates and times are:

Tuesday 15th October 2024 (10-4pm)

Saturday 19th October (10-4pm)

Thursday 24th October (10-4pm)