Tim Maguire | Mixing Numbers: A Survey of Prints and Video 2003 -2018

Mixing Numbers is an exhibition which investigates light, colour and the role of chance in this artist’s creative process.

Within this recent body of work Tim Maguire explores the myriad possibilities of colour created by the digital print process, where computer-driven numeric colour values combine in unforeseeable ways, sometimes literally dictated by the throw of the dice as in the recent work Dice Abstracts.

Imagery for these plays in colour is often based on fragile and impermanent arbitrary events like snowflakes falling or the disruption of colour layers by the random fall of droplets of solvent.

While the exhibition Mixing Numbers includes Tim Maguire’s well known explorations with the CMYK colour process he continues to push these earlier experiments, sometimes in panoramic scale, in which the viewer is immersed in a world of illusionary pulsating colour.